SEO-Savvy Tips & Tricks

Creating content for your business is tough. Creating content for your business that grabs the attention not only of readers but of search engines, too, can seem impossible.

Don’t feel overwhelmed just yet. I’ve compiled a quick list of SEO basics to ensure your business’s online presence gets top billing.

It’s important to understand what exactly ‘SEO’ means before delving into it properly. SEO is an acronym that stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is a method of marketing that maximizes the number of visitors to your website by curating content that is sure to grab the search engines’  (and thereby your potential customers’) attention.

So what makes a website Search Engine Optimized?

These 5 basic SEO tips should give you a confident overview so you can start pushing your website to the top!

1. Create Quality Content

This may seem like a no-brainer, but the first step to making your site attractive to search engines and a wider audience is making it attractive in the first place. Ensure that you’re providing your intended audience with well-written, tightly edited content that is tailored to them, as well as accurately tagged and labelled extras such as infographics, photographs, and more.

2. Provide Fresh Content Frequently

Search engines rely on many factors to sort websites by relevance, one of which is how often a website is updated. Don’t let your content stagnate; consider tying in social media accounts or perhaps a regularly updated blog to keep your site fresh and engaging. If you don’t have time to brainstorm or create new content, outsource! There are plenty of skilled professionals whose job it is to do just that.

3. Make Your Site User-Friendly

If a user clicks onto a site that’s difficult to navigate or poorly designed, they’ll oftentimes close out of it before bothering to read what’s on offer. Ensure that your audience clicks around by making your site as easy to use as possible.

Device compatibility is important, too, since every year mobile user numbers are growing. More and more people are conducting business via mobile devices, so make sure that your website is up to snuff. A better design means your audience lingers longer, which strengthens your search engine desirability.

4. Collect Testimonials and Reviews

Always encourage your customers to leave reviews. The more your business is spoken about, the higher it ranks in searches. Even a handful of good-strength reviews are beneficial and can pull you ahead of the rest, especially if your competition has no reviews. Most businesses don’t realize how beneficial reviews can be, so this is a simple way to make your website stand out.

5. Connect with Others

Most users search for terms on Google, and Google indexes the web using programs called ‘spiders.’ These spiders go from page to page searching for websites to index, and the number of times your website appears on other people’s website contributes to a higher spot in the Google queue. This means that having your site featured on other websites can be a boon for your business, since it adds to the relevancy and importance of your website.

An effective, simple way to connect with others across the Internet is by making the most of your social media accounts. Update them frequently and reach out to others in your business sphere to grow your own sphere of influence. This, in turn, will strengthen your search engine optimization.