Content Creation

I offer fresh, SEO-compliant copy for almost any collateral, including

  • Marketing materials – flyers, post cards, direct mailers, letters
  • Internal materials – emails, presentations, essays, reports
  • Sales materials – product descriptions, product reviews, testimonials, e-books, articles for print,
  • Website content – social media posts, blog posts, basic & instructional website text
  • Creative content – ghostwriting, editorials, opinion pieces, humor pieces

I generally adhere to the Chicago style of writing, though I am fluent in many other styles. Let me know what you’re looking for and we can work together to make sure I produce what you need, when you need it.

My rates for creating new content start at 20¢/word.

Copy Editing

If you simply need pre-written content to be read for grammar, syntax, flow, and continuity, I’m here for that, too. I will familiarize myself with your brand voice and make sure that what you’ve produced fits seamlessly into your existing content.

I’ve edited everything listed above and more, but would still love to read and edit your novel. … Let’s be real, that’s my favorite kind of work, so if you want a sharp editor who can help you with cohesiveness and sentence structure, I’m your girl.

My rate for editing existing business content is 10¢/word. For editing personal or creative projects, it varies depending on how much time must be invested in reorganizing thoughts, though it will likely stay very close to 10¢/word.